Investing in machinery for business or home use can be undeniably costly. As a result, many choose to keep using their old machinery, regardless of its age, performance, and efficiency. One of the pieces of machinery many people use maximally and often replace only when it no longer starts is a steam boiler.

Steam boilers are among many businesses' most efficient, reliable, and low-maintenance machinery. Even homeowners love them because of the comfort, cost-savings, and purpose they provide in residential properties. Because of their uses, it’s clear how and why their price point is expensive.

It’s no secret that replacing and upgrading your boiler is costly. However, doing so provides many benefits that will make your daily use and work twice better. In this post, let’s discuss the benefits of upgrading your steam boiler.

1 - Quicker start-up and shutdown time

Depending on its condition, starting and shutting down an old steam boiler model can take minutes to hours. Business downtime can happen if you spend significant time preparing and closing your boiler. And as we know, time is crucial in business operations and production. 

Older steam boilers usually require minutes of preparation when starting them, especially if the model you’re using is a decade old already. The same goes for shutting them down. If your business needs to utilise the boiler immediately and insists on setting the boiler’s system for use without allowing it to start up appropriately for its age and condition, it could cost you time and cause issues.

Unlike old boiler models, new steam boilers don’t have this issue. That’s why upgrading provides you with quicker start-up and shutdown time.

2 - Less downtime

I just mentioned in my previous point that old steam boiler models’ start-up time could lead to business downtime. But aside from that, the issues it could have due to its old age is another reason it could cause tremendous downtime to a business. And as you know, it can be more challenging to resolve issues that older boiler models cause.

If your business can’t afford to have downtimes that could jeopardise your business, it’s time for you to upgrade your boiler. Upgrading your boiler will give you the peace of mind that you won’t have to worry about your boiler having unforeseen issues that could cost you a day of work production. 

3 - Lower operating costs

Chemical, food, and leisure services and production companies are just some businesses that use steam boilers. Most businesses have their boilers operating almost 24/7, especially if they have target productions to meet. And since older steam boilers are not very efficient at maintaining the heat in the drum, they use more energy to produce the appropriate temperatures.

As a result, it costs you more gas and energy bills to keep an old steam boiler model operating. When you upgrade your boiler, you save tremendous operating costs because modern boiler models are known for their efficient and cost-saving features. On top of that, new boiler models can maintain the heat in their drums, making boiler efficiency 90% better.

4 - New steam boiler models save and help you maximise your spaces

If you search for pictures of steam boilers online, you’ll find photos of massive fire tube and water tube boilers. Before, businesses with steam boilers used to allot massive spaces for their boiler rooms. Today, modern steam boiler models are smaller but have features that provide better steam production.

If you’re still using an old steam boiler model that takes up so much of your floor area, maybe it’s time to upgrade. You won’t only have more space to maximise for your business or home use but also have a more efficient and reliable boiler.

5 - Modern boilers are more adjustable to your needs

Another benefit of upgrading your steam boiler is that you can customise it to your needs. One of the reasons many professionals recommend upgrading your boiler is because of the modulation that new steam boiler models provide. On top of that, new boiler models are less wasteful, as I mentioned earlier.

Old steam boilers only have an on-and-off principal. But today, new steam boiler models have technology that allows you to modulate their intensity levels depending on your needs. This technology does not only make steam production less wasteful but also, it reduces the wear and tear of the boiler unit and its other components.  

6 - Provides user safety and protection

Lastly, upgrading your steam boiler will provide you with safety and protection. As boilers age, their performance and production quality deteriorate. As a result, the air quality that they produce becomes less as well. When this happens, the potential for safety hazards increases.

Another great thing about new steam boiler models is they have preventative safety measures which help lessen the risks of accidents. Their systems also run quieter than old boilers, making your work environment better. With upgrading, you’ll have the peace of mind to operate your boiler 24/7 without worrying about your employees’ safety.

When it’s time to upgrade, don’t hesitate to do so. 

One of the top reasons people choose not to upgrade their boilers is the cost of buying a new one. However, you must consider how much new boilers can help you save money and avoid unexpected issues that your boiler can cause because of its age and condition. When it’s time to upgrade, don’t think twice about doing so.